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Custom Design

Let’s create your brand’s dream collection

Custom Design

Here you can create your collection from scratch.


This is for you if…

You want to create your own collection from scratch!

You already have a moodboard for it and an idea of the models you want to develop.

You need a place to produce your collection from stage 1 to the final product!

Let's do this!

How it works?

Custom Design


Start your Collection

We develop your collection from scratch for all our products and segments!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions through

Once the first payment is made, we will start the development process!


Tech Packs

This is one of the most important stages of the whole process. We create tech packs for your products, enabling the level of information to be more specific, with clarity and objectivity, about the entire manufacturing process.

With inspiration/reference pictures, detailed sketches, types of construction and finishing, and all the fabrics and necessary accessories for each model.


Pattern Making

Pattern Making is such an important step in the success of a fashion collection.

Here, we create your design in patterns for small or large-scale productions based on standardized tables, allowing the pieces to be produced countless times.



Through the creation of prototypes, we are able to improve the information on the product’s finishes without compromising the entire production, using the final fabric and making it possible to take photo sessions, such as viewing the final piece.



Once the prototypes are ready, we’ll schedule the 1st Fitting!

The brand receives the prototype of the piece for approval, in our space or by delivery, and after the sample is approved, it goes on to the production order.

If there’s any need for adjustments in some pieces, we’ll do them and schedule the Approval Fitting.


Bulk Production

After you went through the sample stage and approved the shape, fit, construction, stitching method and all the other details, this is where you start planning your bulk order.

Please note the image below, in order to understand how this process is going to work.



Once everything is ready and packed, you can pick up your collection at our headquarters or we can also send it by post, by a shipping company at the client’s responsibility.


Custom Design 4-6 months

Your design from scratch

Brand Brief

Send a brief of your brand, photos, samples, and ideas.

Sample Order

Your handover designs using sample specs in detail + order samples.

Sample Development

We develop samples and prints. Tech packs, patterns and samples are also developed at this stage. Revisions are made if needed, after the fitting. You are updated on a weekly basis. 3-4 weeks *

Bulk Order

Your bulk production order is made.

Bulk Production

We produce your order followed by strict quality control and packing. You are updated on a weekly basis. 6-8 weeks *


Worldwide shipping to the client’s responsibility or pick-up your production at our headquarters.

* Estimated project time will be confirmed by the sales team to you directly during the order process.