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Discover the Season’s New Arrivals to Renew Your Wardrobe!

With the arrival of Spring/Summer 2024, the curtain opens on a new season full of trends that fuse timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary.

In this article, we embark on a journey through the latest fashion tendencies that promise to set your wardrobe for the season. From the resurgence of classic elements to the introduction of new bold styles, this spring’s fashion invites us to explore a universe of sophistication and authenticity.

Let’s unveil the details that will make this season a true style statement.

White “Old Money” Style

The Spring/Summer 2024 season brings with it an atmosphere of eternal elegance with the “Old Money” trend in white, inspired by classic sophistication. This evokes a discreet and refined style, from fluid dresses to tailored pieces, where white radiates freshness and serenity to classic silhouettes.

Details like embroidery and lace add a touch of subtle glamour. Minimalist accessories complete the look with understated elegance.

This trend celebrates tradition in a renewed way for nowadays, combining classic beauty with a contemporary touch in an elegant way. Celebrate tradition with a contemporary twist this season.


Jil Sander


Fringes are back with a touch of glamour, adding dynamism and style to each piece. This versatile and timeless trend brings a sense of movement and fluidity to any piece of cloth or accessory. Whether on dresses, skirts or coats, fringes add a note of fun and sophistication, instantly elevating the look.

From subtle and delicate fringes to bolder and more dramatic ones, there are a variety of options to suit all tastes and occasions. Pair with simple pieces for a touch of casual glamour, or go all-out with fringes for maximum impact.

This season, embrace the charm of fringes and add a touch of movement and elegance to your wardrobe.

Mini Length

The mini length is the star of the season, bringing an aura of youth and audacity to fashion. This trend offers a variety of options for all occasions, from short dresses and miniskirts to shorts and jumpsuits, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a fresh and contemporary look.

Pair with high-heeled sandals for a touch of elegance or with sneakers for a relaxed and casual look. With vibrant patterns, light fabrics and sophisticated cuts, mini lengths promise to be an unmissable trend this season. Bet on this trend and let your legs be the stars of the look.

Miu Miu

Stella McCartney

Baby Blue

The baby blue color conveys a feeling of serenity and lightness, perfect for the warmer months. From breezy dresses and flowy blouses to two-piece sets, baby blue adds a hint of sweetness and sophistication to any look. Pair it with neutral tones for an elegant minimalist style or mix with floral prints for a more spring vibe.

Combining beauty and versatility, baby blue is a charming choice for any occasion, from casual gatherings to formal events. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this soft tone and add a touch of freshness to your style this season.


Recognized for its unique and fluid texture, linen is the ideal fabric for sunny days, providing comfort without compromising style. From light dresses and breezy blouses to pants and skirt sets, linen adds a touch of relaxed sophistication to any look.

With its unpretentious appearance and rustic charm, linen is versatile enough to be worn for casual events or more formal occasions.

Pair it with straw accessories for a bohemian chic look or add a leather belt for a touch of urban elegance. Celebrate the simplicity and natural beauty of linen this season and enjoy a style that is as comfortable as it is elegant.


As we approach the end of this article, it becomes clear that Spring/Summer 2024 fashion promises a harmonious fusion between past and present, between classic and contemporary.

From fringes to soft shades like baby blue to the understated elegance of Old Money white, each trend offers a unique opportunity to express individuality and personal style.

What do you think of these trends? Ready to discover the next theme?

What brings together celebrities, fashion, and a breathtaking red carpet, all in one night of glamour and extravagance?

Stay tuned next Monday for a surprise.

With affection, Lisd Manufactory.

Written by: Maria Dias and Inês Mendes 

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